Asset Management

Recognizing that our relationships form the basis of our strengths, Stirling’s successes are evidenced by the high-quality physical assets we manage. Stirling Development’s Asset Management Group realizes the importance of working together to understand and maximize value for our Clients, while ensuring the highest level of customer service for colleagues and tenants alike.

Our professional Asset Management Team offers:

  • On-Site Project Offices
  • 24/7 Emergency Response Services
  • Pro-Active Facility Maintenance
  • Lease Management & Compliance Reviews
  • Outside Vendor Competitive Bidding and Supervision
  • Long term Capital Budgeting and Improvements Program

With over thirty years of licensed management experience, Stirling Asset Management Team is well equipped to assist with both the physical and tenant assets of any size real estate investment.


It is Stirling’s mission to develop land in a way that is visionary, cost-effective and sustainable. Through our developments, we recognize the role we play in bringing economic opportunity and job creation to the regions where we work. By envisioning and creating projects that address the needs of the market today, while also anticipating the requirements of our future tenants and users, the Stirling team embraces challenges and turns obstacles into advantages. Our projects include industrial, commercial, retail and residential, and also provide the infrastructure and amenities required to establish an optimal real estate solution that will withstand the test of time.

Land Planning and Entitlement

For each new project, we look beyond the ordinary to discover and maximize potential. The Stirling team creates a comprehensive vision for the developments they undertake by starting every project with an understanding of the local, unique issues at hand and then formulate the development strategy to move forward in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible. Combining the ability to devise comprehensive financial strategies with the implementation of technical expertise to bring plans to life, the Stirling team facilitates a thorough planning process for each development and delivers on their promise of exceptional projects and communities built with integrity.