Brian Parno

Chief Operating Officer
office: (949) 462-0909
direct: (949) 243-5503
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When Brian talks about his work at Stirling he reflects on the firm’s bigger impact on the community. Although it is an obvious thrill to complete a major development project, Brian’s satisfaction in a job well done comes from a complete perspective revolving around how the building will function for the tenant, the business produced within the facility, and how each new aspect of development trickles down to more economic drivers for the region, asking every day of himself and his team, will this project work for the prospective occupants, now and into the future? Does this the project deliver on the promises Stirling makes to its partners? Does it complement the city and help it grow?

With more than three decades of experience in all facets of real estate development, Brian handles Stirling’s overall business operations with a specific focus on development activities. A true builder, over the course of his career he has led and grown business units, but also directed project teams to complete hundreds of projects in many markets and diverse product sectors that include office, R&D, retail, hospitality, manufacturing and industrial.

Brian’s leadership style is very hands on – He focuses on creating a truly collaborative team atmosphere and insists on his team working together on aspects that define Stirling’s attention to detail. You will often find Brian with his sleeves rolled up or out “kicking the dirt”; but just as often you will find him deep in discussions with our executive team going over complex finance topics or future business strategy.

Outside of work, Brian’s competitive spirit is evident in his various sporting activities, where he satisfies his adrenaline rush but also gets close to the natural outdoors. But unlike sports where there is a winner and a loser, Brian appreciates that in his work with Stirling, the goal is for everyone to cross the finish line together. As he shares, Stirling’s true long-term success is directly tied to the value created for clients, tenants and partners.