Chris Downey

Principal and Co-Founder of Stirling Development
office: (949) 462-0909
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A real estate developer and investor, Chris Downey has been a principal at Stirling Development since founding the company in 1988 with his partner Dougall Agan.

Chris has spent more than four decades in land development, financial management and management consulting. Chris enjoys the financial side of the business and makes his partnership with Dougall effective as they are both able to bring their strengths to the business relationship. Chris began his career in the biomedical device industry and after his time in management consulting joined a real estate developer and discovered his love of the business. Chris’ experience includes work for a private real estate company where he directed several large-scale master planned communities from acquisition through zoning, entitlement, financing, infrastructure and build-out. He was a former CPA and management consultant with Arthur Young & Company (now Ernst & Young).

Working over the years alongside Dougall, Chris has enjoyed combining his experience in financial value creation with Dougall’s ability to implement a wide-ranging vision to bring so much more to the communities and neighborhoods where Stirling develops. Moreover, he appreciates the Stirling team and the longstanding work relationships created over the years that have stood the test of time.

Chris served on the Board of Memorial Health Services, a not-for-profit healthcare system, including time as Chairman of the Board, and now serves on the board of Farmland Partners, a publicly traded agricultural land REIT.

Chris enjoys his time off, spending much of it on the golf course with his wife. He also remains a competitive ocean swimmer.

Chris holds a bachelor’s degree in Chemistry from the University of California at Irvine, and master’s degree from the Anderson School of Management at the University of California at Los Angeles.